Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Testimonials from Empaths

I’ve waited awhile to thank you again for your work. This is because
I am so grateful that it’s hard to know where to begin.

I’m not sure when the word empath first entered my mind, but when it
did I knew that it was important. I researched it on the web for
hours everyday but was unsatisfied with the few answers I did find.

I ordered Empowered by Empathy on Amazon, not having seen your
website or heard of your work. I was intrigued and excited by the
title alone, that someone was actually describing empathy as
empowering, and that not only did I have a spirit, but  it could fly
and do so 25 ways. And it was amazing! I read it over and over again,
trying to absorb all of the truth.

But as wonderful as it was, I just didn’t believe that I was capable
of turning empathy off. Nope, not me. If I was an empath, I thought,
I must be defective; God must have forgotten the off switch. You did
an aura reading by mail for me, and I was thrilled by it. It was
right on target and a huge help. I was relieved when you confirmed my
empathic gifts.

But then I thought, now that I know for sure, I should be a skilled
empath by tomorrow, next week at the latest. Ha ha ha. Easier said
than done. I continued “studying” empathy like I’ve never studied or
put my heart into anything before. And progress was slow. One problem
was that, as you perfectly pointed out in my aura reading, I had no
idea who I was, really.

Deep down I knew I would grow, but skill wasn’t going to come in the
strict timeframe I had constructed. As you said, “trying harder in
your spiritual life won’t make you succeed more.”

One breakthrough came, as usual, when I least expected it. My
mechanic and family friend told me that I could no longer drive my
car because it was old and needed to go to the junkyard. Suddenly I
wanted to cry, bawl, actually. This would have appeared
understandable because I had just lost my main means of
transportation. But it wasn’t understandable to me because  I didn’t
even like my car that much nor really need it. What was so
overwhelming, though, was that in that moment I lost not only my car
but also my entire view of the world. Suddenly I saw the world as a
cutthroat place in which it was all anyone could do to survive, in
which survival was the most important thing. The world felt drier,
dustier, Godless, harsh, and had an atmosphere of pain.

”I guess I’ve lost it,” I thought. “I lose my car and my world crumbles.
I’m just a piece of work.” So I started in with my motivational
routine for times like these, trying to comfort myself inside. What,
I wondered, had happened to my usual worldview, full of love, with
brightness, beauty, joy, and a sense of sacredness? Gently the
question came, “What if it’s not yours?” I was stunned and very
humbled. I remembered that the man drank a lot, and I realized that I
would, too, if that was how I felt everyday.

My second breakthrough came recently when I realized that I am very
different from other people, deep down. I had always squelched this,
believing that we are all equal, therefore I shouldn’t feel so
differently, so powerful.

Now I see that becoming a skilled empath isn’t an end in itself, but
an endless learning process that will last for my lifetime. Thank you
so much for your books and for the aura reading. I also read The Roar
of the Huntids
and was delighted by it. I loved how deeply you
constructed the characters. Most of all I loved reading about
Rachel’s struggle as an empath. It really hit home. It’s a beautiful
novel and I hope that you write more novels!

Thank you!

– Dana

Thank you so much!  Every day that I have worked with you, be it through your written words or your live voice, has been a fabulously inspired day for me.  

You really impressed me with your approach to your work.  It is exactly what I have been needing. 

I love your directness and the way you set an intention for a person at the pace they are able to feel comfortable with.  ou have a gentle approach to helping people, you compliment a person before telling them about the imbalances in their life. 

It is very refreshing, compared to other ‘help’ I have received that was no help at all.  You didn’t just tell me what my imbalance was, you also gave me effective tools to help me find balance.

– Tara

I discovered that I can control how sensitive I am to the vibrations around me. Also, that I can check in with any part of myself at any time, ascertain the current status on that level, and receive guidance on how to proceed.

            I will now have my empathy turned off as my default and only turn it on as needed. Also, I will no longer take for granted the stories I have made up in order to explain the underpinnings of my internal landscape. I can ask directly and get to the heart of the matter instead of blindly guessing what is going on.

            I now have direct access to my internal environment on many levels that I never suspected I could have such explicit access to.

– Rachel

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