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Cut Cords of Attachment to whom?

Everybody has cords of attachment, not just empaths. But for empaths, it’s especially helpful to cut those cords.

What is a cord of attachment, anyway?

Whenever you have an important relationship — parent, friend, boss, lover, for instance — two energetic structures connect the two of you at the level of auras.

  • A spiritual tie contains the love, learning, sweetness, etc.
  • A cord of attachment contains the most troubling patterns (for you) that have come up in the relationship.

Every cord of attachment can be cut permanently. One method to do this is 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), something I would be glad to teach you to do for yourself. I also facilitate cutting cords in my personal sessions of aura healing and transformation.

Because I have done hundreds of these sessions for clients who are empaths, I discovered something surprising over the years.

Guess what happens A LOT in empaths’ cords of attachment

In the process of removing a cord of attachment, and doing a quality job of it, you will learn about the pattern in that unique cord of attachment. There is a kind of dialogue between the client and the cordee. It repeats 24/7, acting like a kind of STUFF factory.

Until and unless that cord of attachment is cut, STUFF will be generated every day of the client’s life, even if the cordee isn’t on speaking terms any longer or even is “dead.”

When I facilitate cutting cords, I will read out the contents of the Dialogue Box. (You can read many samples of this in the first how-to book in English for learning how to cut cords, Cut Cords of Attachment.)

So, what I’ve found is that very often, an empath will have cord items that result from having his/her empath gifts turned all the way ON.

The empath will have Cord Items like:

  • “I understand how you are thinking”
  • “I am taking on your headache because I love you.”
  • “Your spiritual experience of feeling out-of-control is now taken on by me. I have that same terror and helplessness.”

Not much fun, is it?

Having Cord Items like these repeating within your aura 24/7 is definitely not fun. It is STUFF, the kind of problem that shows very clearly with aura reading. (And if the aura reading isn’t detailed enough to point out both STUFF and the underlying Gifts of Your Soul, consider learning more about how to read auras for yourself.)

Now, let’s consider this situation from the perspective of Empath Empowerment(TM).

Say that you’re in the process of learning to become a Skilled Empath. And you happen to have 10 cords of attachment where your gifts are turned ON completely.

Therefore, you have patterns repeating in your aura and subconscious mind. The patterns of Cord Items continues to repeat 24/7.

That’s going to make it difficult for you to fully turn your gifts OFF. (You’ll find some examples of this in Samples of  Cord Dialogue at my website about cutting cords of attachment.

And this constant imprinting into your subconscious mind isn’t a habit of social behavior or boundaries. Shields won’t change a thing, except to cover up the problem with a certain kind of phoniness. The only thing that will stop the problem is removal of the STUFF-producing pattern at the level of auras.

Cutting each cord of attachment once and for all — that’s the easy, permanent solution. And my clients who are becoming skilled empaths can tell you what a huge difference this makes.

I don’t have to cut those cords of attachment for you. Do it yourself. Do it with any quality method. Only do use a quality method. Anyone who tells you something like, “I cut all my cords every day” might as well be wearing a sign that says, “I love the idea of cutting cords of attachment. I just don’t know how to do it.”

Cutting a cord of attachment is a permanent kind of surgery at the level of auras. It never needs to be repeated. Really, if you have a cavity drilled out from a tooth by a dentist, does this need to be done on a daily basis?

Cords can be cut permanently. And, once those cords of attachment are permanently cut, you’ll find the process of becoming a Skilled Empath works far more easily.

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