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Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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How can Aura Reading Research help you?

Curious about people in your life, yourself included? Wondering what makes that person tick? You can do reading on the level of Aura Reading, rather than an Empath Merge. Or you can ask me to do this kind of research for you, as all or part of a personal session.

By now you may know that auras are filled with information. And that one of my contributions to this field is the discoveryof chakra databanks. Every major chakra contains 50 distinctive ones, each with a gift of your soul and a strong possibility of STUFF as well.

When I sit with you in a session, in person or by telephone, I can read your aura at any time in your life, any chakra databank. I can also read every chakra databank in anyone you have ever known. And at any time you have known that person. No photo needed.

Why might you want Aura Reading Research?

Let’s say you just cut the cord of attachment to your father. You’re curious about what on earth was going on with him when he did that upsetting thing:

  • Was he mean on purpose?
  • How did he feel about you emotionally?
  • Was he telling you the truth?

Questions like these are easy to answer, in depth and detail, with this kind of Aura Reading Research.

Certain chakra databanks form a kind of entryway for me to move into other databanks in that same chakra. So I’ll read a couple of those databanks and then you’ll tell me what you’re curious about. I’ll either find that information or I will come as close as I can.

Depending on what went on between you and the cordee, you may have a lot of questions about what was going on and why. You might also be curious about what was going on with you at the time.

How is that kind of aura reading possible?

Whenever you talk with someone in person or over the phone, your memory of that interaction is fully stored in your subconscious mind and aura.

Does that happen when you email? How about when you friend someone on a social networking website?

Sorry. No. (Although if you can supply a simple URL for a photo of anyone, I can read that for you during a session. So thank goodness for those photos at all the social networking websites.)

But when you make direct contact, through voice or voice + more, the hologram of the other person’s aura is stored in your subconscious mind. Along with who YOU were aurically at that time.

How this kind of aura reading works during a session?

Aura Reading Research of people you know can be an entire session or part of a session. Quite often, when I do sessions of Energy Spirituality, when I facilitate cutting a cord of attachment for you, it is fun to add on my reading the aura of the cordee.

If you’re having a first or second session, you might want to add on 15 or 30 minutes to your session time, when booking your appointment. (The fee is pro-rated, so on Oct. 25, 2009, that would mean that each 15-minute chunk has a fee of $31.25 when added onto a 55-minute session. No, I don’t do 15 minute chunks separately.)

If you’ve had a couple of sessions with me, we spend less time explaining basics so there can be time during the 55 minutes for this purpose.

What about Aura Reading Research on its own?

Yes, sometimes clients simply want research. I’ll do it, even though I will probably remind that client, “A reading is not a healing.”

By that I mean that no STUFF is removed from an aura simply by gaining insights. My preference is to facilitate healing.

Still, sessions of Aura Reading Research are popular with my long-term clients. These readings are only in the present. (Or,  if I’m reading a past version of someone you have known, in the past.) I don’t make predictions — important to remember!

Here are the Top Ten situations where clients have asked me to do Aura Reading Research as all or part of a session:

  1. Reading a lover, how he/she really feels about you now.
  2. That lover’s truthfulness (three Lie Detector Tests can be used)
  3. What was going on with that lover when you first fell in love.
  4. And what was going on with you.
  5. Reading a boss or co-worker.
  6. Developing strategies for dealing with someone troublesome at work.
  7. Finding possible corruption among your employees.
  8. Checking out if employees or family members have a substance abuse problem.
  9. Insights into a potential employee or contractor.
  10. Gaining insight into people from your past who were abusive or crazy or simply puzzling.

Use this link to set up a session of Aura Healing and Transformation or Aura Reading Research with Rose Rosetree.

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