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Personal sessions bring cumulative benefit

When you sit in session with me, my commitment is strong to help you fulfill the intention that you have brought to your session. Some of my clients have called me relentless that way, because I do my best to make every session count.

You are the one who will set your intention, your goal for the session, not me.

Just yesterday, I had two new clients who wanted to test the waters by going for a session of Aura Reading Research, rather than a session where I facilitated healing. So, of course, I helped with that. Even though I prefer to jump in and facilitate healing!

Occasionally a first-time client prefers to spend a session going into the various ways I can help him/her in the future. This kind of back-and-forth can be really smart, although most clients prefer to jump straight into a session of healing.

Most of my clients (and most of my sessions) do involve healing, actually. And most of my clients do have more than one session, over the months or years. Which is great, because these personal sessions bring cumulative benefits.

Permanent removal of STUFF

Although I offer many types of sessions for healing, the common denominator is that every one can permanently remove STUFF — deposits at the astral level of emotional and/or spiritual debris.

Cutting cords of attachment gives that kind of permanent healing. So do sessions of Energy Release Regression Therapy and techniques of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

With all respect to you and the uniquely fascinating characteristics of your personal problems over the years, STUFF can be compared to garbage. Imagine that your home (i.e., your mind-body-spirit system) were filled up pretty darned full with various bits of garbage.

The more garbage is removed, the easier it is to live in that home.

One of my neat-freak friends told me once, in response to my question about how she managed to keep her home so tidy, “I clean up all garbage immediately. Because mess begets mess.”

Mess begets mess? Uh-oh

Our analogy breaks down there, because STUFF began accumulating back when you were in the womb. In fact, I believe (again with all respect to you and your uniqueness) that, while still in the womb, we carry STUFF from past lifetimes as well, in the form of frozen blocks of energy.

So, if you’re reading this now, you can’t start from a position of zero STUFF. You can, however, begin from exactly where you are to remove STUFF.

Every time you permanently remove STUFF, you’re clearer inside and less likely to take on new STUFF. You will also do better at skills for Deeper Perception:

Is it a coincidence that I teach and use both types of skill, healing and reading people deeper? Nope. With less STUFF, both work better.

“Okay, how many sessions will I need?”

The answer to that question depends on you. My sessions aren’t like going through Rolfing, where you follow a prescribed sequence until done.

How much STUFF do you have? How much STUFF are you prepared to live with? Just how much bliss would you like instead?

At this point in my healing work with clients, when I’ve worked as a teacher of personal development for 39 years, I find that most of my clients have many sessions. Some have dozens. Some fly in from Europe or Asia for Energy Release Regression Therapy, or travel here, to metro Washington D.C., from many parts of America, supplementing their phoner sessions where we cut cords of attachment.

And some travel here from a great distance more than once, because they got so much benefit the last time. But the simplest way to gauge what would be realistic for you might be this…

Halfway between psychotherapy and psychic readings

Recently I have been reading Through the Children’s Gate by Adam Gopnik. In one chapter, Adam (a very witty man), recounts the story of his psychoanalysis. It took six years, at least two sessions per week.

Adam’s account of this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, incidentally. He is definitely a very witty man.

Many of you, reading this, may be familiar with courses of psychotherapy or counseling or even psychoanalysis that require that many sessions or more.

On the other hand, many of you may simply like to have a psychic reading from time to time, maybe once every year or two.

For most of my clients, the frequency of sessions falls somewhere in between. And to understand why, try a first session. Live with less STUFF and find the benefits in your own terms.

If you have any questions related to all this, use this link to my blog about Deeper Perception Made Practical. You’ll find a copy of this article and, beneath it, the opportunity to add comments. And your “comments” can definitely be questions.

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