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Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Turn Body Language inside out

Empaths, this article is for you. Mirror neurons, and other scientific findings about body language, may make you laugh when I show you an opposite way to use those same pathways for first aid as an empath.

Such irony! Body language, touted as the “exciting, depth experience” for learning about others can actually help people at the opposite end of the sensitivity continuum, those of us who are empaths.

 Energy fields reveal this continuum of sensitivity. I’ve done aura readings of pregnant women and the babies they’re carrying, singles or even twins. (And if you’re not already able to do this, I could teach you to do the same.)

Scampering around from one person to another, one chakra databank to another, you’ll soon be convinced that empaths are born, not made. In the womb, some of us are set up as empaths, while most are not.

In America, that’s 1 out of 20 people born as an empath. In Japan, where I have taught many seminars and offered privat session, that rate is 1 out of 5. What matters most, however, is if that empath is in your personal life, because then the ratio becomes 1 out of 1.

Perspective on the specialness of being an empath

What does it mean, being born as an empath? You have at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Empaths are born, and they’re born unskilled. Whether your gift is physical, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, animal or emotional, if you are set up as an empath:

  • Your ability to gain wisdom is huge
  • Your capacity to serve others is enormous
  • And, until you learn effective techniques to turn your empathy OFF, you’ll pick up pain belonging to others every day of your life.
  • Your destiny, sooner or later, is to become a SKILLED empath. Most of the time, you’ll keep your empathic gift turned OFF. Then, at will, you will turn it on, using super-intense techniques for a safe (but brief) experience of Otherness.

Some empaths figure out on their own how to become skilled. They catch on to the fact that conventional wisdom is dead wrong. When you’re told “tighten your boundaries” or “avoid Energy Vampires” etc., these approaches help people who aren’t empaths, but yield puny results for people born as you are.

Instead, to become a Skilled Empath requires that you use your spiritual awareness, or consciousness, to use the gift(s) that God gave you. Social skills will not get you there. You need a shift in consciousness to become the most important person in the room

Developing empath techniques that work powerfully well is a real passion for me. If you haven’t yet found your way to becoming a skilled empath, I would love to teach this to you.

However, most of the techniques I’ve developed for empaths are not appropriate for a quick article like this one. You’ll need to take half an hour of undivided attention, learn the Coming Home technique, plus you really deserve to give yourself some basic understandings and learn a few other simple techniques from my books.

But the good news is that there is one easy, quick, and verydo-it-yourself-like technique for empaths. Keep reading here and I’ll teach it to you right now. First some context.

Could Mirror Neurons be over-rated?

Nonverbal communication is being researched like crazy, right now. (Research on empaths must wait a few years, alas.) From a lab in Italy, and brain cells of monkeys, comes the discovery of order Pregabalin online mirror neurons.

Picture Luigi, a macaque monkey wired for sound, then being observed as he reaches for a peanut. Neurons in his motor cortex become very active. In the very act of reaching, Luigi sets off a buzzing sound, detectable by highly sophisticated monitoring equipment. This aria has been produced because certain cells on either side of Luigi’s brain have increased their activity.

Next scene in our neuro-physiological opera: Luigi, wired up, happens to see a human being grab a peanut. The very same neurons start firing in the very same way. His brain bursts into song. Bravo!

Evidently, the monkey’s brain can’t distinguish his doing something and seeing it done, not to mention ignoring the small matter that a human body isn’t exactly identical to that monkey’s own.

This fascinating copycat feature, motor-cell responsiveness, has been confirmed in later experiments. Neuroscientists have called the neurons involved “mirror neurons” because they reflect actions being observed in someone else, as if you were seeing yourself through a mirror.

Without being either a monkey, or being wired, you have probably been involved in a similar experiment. Ever been in a room with someone who yawns, then find yourself yawning? If your brain had been hooked up, it would have buzzed.

Because of mirror neurons, all you need to do is to physically copy another person’s body language and you’ll gain insights into how that other person feels.

Outside of the brain lab, surely, you’ve heard of “mirroring” as a technique. That’s where you purposely copy the body language of a sales client or other person, thereby creating a kind of instant rapport.

As if you needed that

At this point, you empaths are probably laughing your head off. You don’t need to employ techniques in order to feel connected to others. Mirroring body language of another person, just to get extra connected, how appealing is that? Probably your goal is more like this: Could I only pay attention to myself for a while?

(And wouldn’t that be a delightful change of pace.)

So here comes our totally counter-culture, yet practical, use of body language.

Empath version of Body Language

When you’re with another person and you want to remember that you are the most important person in the room:

  1. Notice something about how you feel in your physical body. Could be your heartbeat, the way your shoes fit, anything from sublime to ridiculous so long as it’s yours. And physical. And body-related.
  2. Notice the person’s body language. Tell yourself a sentence or two about what that body language tells you.
  3. Return to paying attention to your very own, sweet physical self.

Why this inside-out technique works

Empaths have such a deep longing to learn, to serve, to experience others at depth. Body language takes you to the shallows. But it still counts as a form of otherness.

Therefore, this technique has you substitute a surface connection for the very deep connections that a natural empath usually makes.

It’s like the dieting tricks you read about where you’re told to substitute a small portion, or non-caloric version, of that large slab of rich chocolate cake that you crave. Sure, eat just one artificially flavored chocolate jelly bean instead! Yum! Could there really be a difference?

So, for instance, you’re in the room with Gwenda. And she’s upset. Your instinct, as an unskilled empath, might be to instantly merge with her emotions or body, take on a bit of her suffering, bringing it back with you. Soon as you’ve recovered from that (sort of), you’re off again, flying in spirit into that same experience. One micro-second errand of mercy after another. Finally the visit is over. She feels great. You feel somewhat like a half-chewed jelly bean.

Well, with this technique you just notice she’s biting on her fingernails. You tell yourself, “She’s nonverbally communicating. She’s biting that fingernail. Then she’s biting another one. Because I read body language, I can tell that means she’s upset.”

Let that fascinating insight be as far as you go. Feel satisfied. Feel smug, even. “Ooh, I’ve been reading body language now so I know a secret something about Gwenda.”

Okay, if you want, you could add Step #4: Now that you’ve noticed she is in trouble, send out a prayer on her behalf. That way, the force that helps her, and absorbs some of her pain, doesn’t directly involve your very human body.

Picking up pain, direct-depositing it into your mind-body-system, is the everyday work of an unskilled empath. So well intentioned! Yet (forgive my calling you on it) this is such a clumsy way to give service. You can do better. (Remember, I call it becoming a “skilled empath,” and it isn’t rocket science, but it does take a little time to develop.)

Before learning the whole art, or in addition to whatever else you have mastered by now, in your own way, do try out this Inside-Out Technique.  

In this topsy-turvy place I call “Earth School,” even Body Language may not be what it seems.

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