buy disulfiram online canada Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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What is STUFF?

Just as mathematics is the language of science, Aura Reading is the language of energy and Empath Merge.

Here are some basics:

Around your physical body, you have additional bodies. They’re just as real. Only they’re made of electro-magnetic energy.

This is your aura.

For practical purposes, the important thing about your aura is that it’s full of information.

This information is expecially concentrated in places that correspond to your physical body. Traditionally, these places are known as “Major chakras.”

More Aura Reading Essentials

After decades of Aura Reading, I discovered “Chakra Databanks.” These provide even more detail about what is going on in a person’s aura.

Each Chakra Databank contains two types of information:

  • A gift of the soul
  • Stuff

What is a Gift of the Soul?

Consider it a lifelong gift. Not unlike a fingerprint! You have a special way of doing something, whether you call that personal style or your special excellence, even native genius. Or it could simply be called your comfort zone.

This gift can’t be messed up. It is yours for life.

And many gifts of the soul actually show in physical face data. Amazing, I know. But that is the secret of Face Reading! Imagine looking at a cheek, an ear, a nose, and learning about gifts of the soul. :-)

Aura Reading will give you even more depth and detail about your gifts of the soul. Only the beauty of any such gift may not be evident… because of the other type of information/energy in a Chakra Databank.

 STUFF happens

Energy gets stuck in Chakra Databanks. And when it does, life is limited.

STUFF in your aura is like having your very distinctive fingerprint covered in mud.

What kind of energy gets stuck? Common examples are:

The important thing to understand about STUFF is that it can always, always, always be healed. Just find the healer with expertise to help or get skills to heal it yourself.

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