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Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Why can Aura Healing help you?

“I’m an empath,” you say. “Why should I have to care about my aura?”

In fact, some of you may even be mumbling (because you strive to be a polite kind of empath, not because you’re a chronic mumbler), “I don’t even believe in auras. Why should aura reading — or aura healing – have to become part of the conversation?”

Why include aura reading?

It’s counter-culture, I know. To the extent that today’s empaths even talk about being an empath, the conversation is usually about Highly Sensitive Persons, avoiding Energy Vampires, firming up boundaries, or putting up shields — even if none of these conversations really helps very much.

Topics like these do make for very interesting conversations, after all. They just don’t help.

How could they, when the very same people who use these language like this can’t even give correct names for the varied, fascinating array of gifts that fall under the general category of “empath”? If you can’t name it correctly, or find it, how can you help to solve a problem?

Well meant names like “Intuitive Empath” or “Psychic Empath” confuse the conversation.  And unskilled empaths need a good quality conversation. Otherwise we suffer way too much.

To understand where the action is, in the life of an empath, you need to understand, for instance, that being an empath doesn’t necessarily involve anything emotional or psychic at all.

And then you’ve just got to be able to do aura reading.

Not to worry, of course you would be good at aura reading

Maybe you already are an aura reader. If you’re not, please know that every human being has the ability to become a good aura reader. If you want to learn, I can teach you.

So, assuming that you are included in this conversation, as a fabulously accurate aura reader (whether present or future), what do I mean that auras are “where the action is, in the life of an empath”?

You may notice what happens when an unskilled empath is with another person in the room. There will be many quick unskilled Empath Merges, where the empath’s aura expands around that other person. Then, just as quickly, that empath’s aura returns to normal. Only, oops!

That empath now has STUFF from the other person in his or her aura.

Or maybe you’ll notice this as an aura reader: The unskilled empath just has loads and loads of STUFF.

Try this aura reading experiment

As a newish aura reader, do this comparison. Read 4-5 of your chakra databanks while you’re at home.

Then go out to the nearest mall, or some other gathering where many people happen to be. Hang out there for a while. Then come home. (You could also go shopping at that mall, just to make the experiment more interesting. ;-) )

Now, read your aura again, read those very same 4-5 chakra databanks.

If you’re an unskilled empath, you’ll find plenty of STUFF has accumulated, STUFF you didn’t have before.

Just remember that STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Otherwise an experiment like this might make you want to throw up.

Also remember that a Skilled Empath doesn’t pick up STUFF by going out to the mall. Even by shopping.

What aura healing does

No amount of healing will make you a Skilled Empath. Sorry. Only you can do that.

But healing of your aura will make you clearer as you pursue becoming a Skilled Empath.

And even after you’re skilled as an empath, having a clearer, cleaner aura will improve the accuracy of your Skilled Empath Merges. You’ll have a better life all around.

One type of aura healing that is especially promising for helping any born empath is to cut cords of attachment.

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