Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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It began with one picture

Here is what inspired me to write Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.

Sessions with empaths

One reason I love to do sessions with clients is that they teach me so much. Because they really need help, knowledge just is pulled out of me. That happens especially because I co-create my sessions of Energy Spirituality.  

If you, too, work in a field where you’re helping others, you’ve had the same thing happen, right? 

Working with clients, I began using an analogy, a picture.

Güines Imagine that you’re at a party and somebody takes a group photo. When you have a chance to see that picture, there’s something very weird. Everyone else is in color. But you’re in black-and-white. Actually, you’re just in shades of gray.

That’s how it is when you’re an unskilled empath. Other people can seem much more real to you.

I’ve been there. I’ve learned some simple techniques to change that. And the book with these simple techniques is Become The Most Important Person in the Room.

Illustrating the new book for empaths

The new book has many illustrations. For instance, I wanted it to be the first book to show how the auras of born empaths are different from those of non-empaths.

Illustrations also accompany my description of Unskilled Empath Merges, those times when an unskilled empath takes on STUFF belonging to other people.

My favorite illustrations in the book, however, are used for the three different sections.

Part One of Empath Empowerment

Part One shows an Unskilled Empath among friends.

The goal for this part of this book is: Change What Needs Changing

There “You” are, all greyed out, amid people in full, lustrous black-and-white.

 When I got around to preparing this how-to for print, I had to modify the original vision. To include full-color illustrations inside the “guts” of the book would have been prohibitively expensive.

If I passed on the cost to book buyers, that would make the buying decision unnecessarily difficult. What if I just paid the difference, not bothering to calculate if the book would even bring me a profit when sold? Actually, I’ve already been there, done that.

Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face contains thousands of dollars in extra fees to a photo service. Although I spent 9 ½ years researching and writing the book, I didn’t spend even 10 minutes thinking about how much profit I’d make. The book was priced under $20.

And if I had thought about and their deep discounts (to themselves not customers, i.e., the markdowns demanded for their Amazon Advantage program for publishers) I would have realized that my profit, per book, would be just over two dollars.

Okay, eventually I did the math. Oops! And that’s when I took the book off Amazon. Ever since, it has been sold exclusively through this website. [link to destination page] Only a couple of boxes are left, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Part Two of Empath Empowerment 

Part Two portrays the transition stage of Becoming a Skilled Empath.

The goal for this part of this book is: Strengthen Your Way of Being You

The illustration shows the same cast of characters, only this time “You” are in full, detail-rich, Black & White. All the other people are greyed out.

In this main section, I teach you skills for waking up from inside. As a result, you automatically turn your empath gift(s) OFF.

Part Three of Empath Empowerment

Part Three pictures a Skilled Empath among friends.

The goal for this part of this book is to explore: The Fun of Being a Skilled Empath

The illustration shows everyone in lush, vibrant Black & White. Hooray!

When you’re not yet a Skilled Empath, it’s hard to imagine how much your quality of life can improve. This kind of fun is not yet available to the millions of empaths in the world, people who were born talented but, unfortunately, don’t yet have the skills to support that talent.

Become a pioneer. Help to produce the hundredth monkey effect on this planet. Become one of the world’s Skilled Empaths.

Pioneering as a Skilled Empath

How many Skilled Empaths will it take to make “Skilled Empath” a household word and empowerment a universal experience? How many Brave Explorers, like you, will have to struggle a bit, just a bit, bringing this new kind of consciousness in to the world? At this point, I’m guessing 25,000.

Really, though, only one statistic matters: You. Either you’re an empath or not. And if born as an empath, either you’re Skilled Empath or not.

One way or another, I would love to help you become a Skilled Empath.

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Empath BookBecome The Most Important Person in the Room
Ever worry that your sensitivity is a curse? Get skills! Practical, innovative, fun to read. 1 short chapter daily + 10 minutes to experiment = A far better life as a Skilled Empath.

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Pioneering, thought-provoking book about Empath Empowerment™. Helps the 1 in 20 people born with strong sensitivity.

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