Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Empaths as healers

If you are wired as an empath, you have been serving humanity as a healer for your whole life.

where can i purchase isotretinoin Whether or not you do this consciously, however, is something else. Without skill, you’re not helping people nearly as much as you could. Then there’s the other problem, picking up STUFF from other people, whether you know it or not.

Until you become a Skilled Empath, it is unlikely that you will go free when you consciously help others as a healer.

This has nothing to do with your professionalism or what you have learned to protect yourself while doing that particular kind of work.

Sure, you may work professionally in a healing professional or work unofficially as a healer (i.e., teacher or librarian or salesperson, etc.).

In your personal life, you may have studied forms of energy medicine, energy psychology, explored working with angels or as a psychic.

In all these types of healing, and more, what happens if you have been born as an empath? Until you develop skill, you will be picking up pain and fear from others. Will that be conscious? Probably not. But your aura will store the debris, and over time a sense of pain may be mistaken for a sense of self.


Based on work that I have done with Spiritual Healing , I also suspect that empaths are particularly vulnerable to storing various forms of astral debris like psychic coercion, negative thought forms, outdated personality projections, psychic ties and astral entities.

In my experience, when Skilled Empaths receive Spiritual Healings, they hold the benefits far better than Unskilled Empaths. Actually since they are very easy to learn, I recommend that you learn to do Spiritual Cleansing and Protection at any stage in your development as an empath. If you should learn these spiritual healings first, then your training as an empath will go far more smoothly.

Unintentional Interconnection

Skeptical that your empathic nature could make you extra susceptible to taking on other people’s pain? Then consider the degree to which all people are interconnected.

Separation is one of the greatest illusions of life here at Earth School. You only seem to be separate from others. Spiritual life is about learning that you aren’t.

This illusion of a body you’re in, circled with skin and filled up with all sorts of stuff—sure it seems to be separate but really it’s just a house for your consciousness. Anyone can visit; the truth of what’s going on there can’t be hidden.

Likewise, you can easily enter and explore any other house. In consciousness, unlike real estate, there’s no such thing as a detached, single family home.

Cosmic joke? Sure is.

As part of the joke, society teaches us just the opposite. To be an American at this time in history is to celebrate individualism to the max. Have any people, at any time on the planet, made more of their seeming independence?

Nonetheless we’re more interconnected than not, and not merely by virtue of our Internet, our car-clogged highways, and chain stores linked across the nation, each so interchangeable that physical travel across America has become an exercise in déjà vu.

Human beings are interconnected spiritually, emotionally, mentally, even physically.

Everyone remembers this occasionally, with a little shudder of recognition. Take breathing, for example. What could seem more personal than your breath? Yet humans all over the world share your air.

As songwriter Tom Chapin sings about recycling, “Someone’s going to use it after you. Someone’s gonna need it when you’re through.”

Sharing like Crazy

Our physical swapping doesn’t stop with the nostril stuff, either. It’s mind boggling to realize that Planet Earth uses, and always has used, the same water supply.

Dinosaurs drank from pools that, many weather cycles later, have filled up bottles at your local convenience store, bottles that bear the mystical label Coca-Cola. In fine print those labels should read,

“Recycled over the eons from mountain lakes, jungles, and city sewers; distilled from the sweat, blood, and tears of every race that has lived on this earth.”

Inspiration for Empaths

Most of what humans recycle works for us. Inspire yourself (literally, “breathe in”) with this thought:

You share the same air and water used by Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, and Mohammed.

But just as people are mostly unconscious about this magnificent sharing, we foolishly ignore how interconnected we are on the level of our consciousness…  and the risks that can go with it.

Not only can you connect with the consciousness and auras of other people, you already do. You travel to them by means of consciousness countless times each day. So how come this may be news to you?

Two Reasons

  1.  Travel through space and time occurs with the utmost effortlessness.
  2. And it’s just not restricted to your physical body.

Yes, this travel happens quick as the flicker of a candle flame. It happens your whole life long.

This is what I call “flying in spirit.” in Empowered by Empathy.

In Become the Most Important Person in the Room, I call it “Unskilled Empath Merge” and explain in detail what happens, complete with illustrations.

Either way, here’s the bottom line. As an empath, you have been flying in spirit since Day 1.

You connect with others, then come back to being yourself. On these short (and usually not-conscious) journeys, you serve others by picking up some of their pain and storing it in your own aura.

As a way to help others, the generosity is lovely. But effectiveness will be far greater when you stop serving in this way. Not to mention, your quality of life!

Become a Skilled Empath and you can move out more pain than ever, helping others as a healer. And you’ll do this without, unintentionally,  taking that pain into you.

Adapted from Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit by Rose Rosetree

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