Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Quiz #1 for Empaths

Could you be an empath? Take the following quiz and find out.

Afterwards, use the link at the bottom to check your ANSWERS.

When taking Empath Quiz #1, use your own sense of self to decide what applies.

Incidentally, The following quiz is one of three in Empowered by Empathy, so if you enjoy it, you may like the others as well. If you score positive as an empath, I can help you explore your gifts in depth and detail. And I would love to be your teacher.

True or False:

1. When I’m with people who fascinate me, I wish I knew what it was like to be them.

2. It annoys (or amuses) me when people put on a show of being very tuned in to others and I can tell that they’re really not.

3. I’m thin-skinned about other people, not just myself.

4. One of the best parts of falling in love, for me, is seeing the world through my lover’s eyes. Everything becomes different and new.

5. Of all the compliments I’ve received, some of my favorites are, “You really answer my questions.” or “You understand me better than others do.”

6. When with different friends, I don’t just talk to them. My whole wavelength shifts. For example, when I’m with an artist, colors look brighter than usual; when I’m with a musician, I’m more aware of sounds; when I’m with an athlete, I feel more physically alive.

7. If I have to give the same speech to three different strangers, it comes out differently each time. Somehow I sense information that causes me to adjust the words. With a highly educated listener, for instance, I find myself automatically using longer words—even if nobody has told me that this person is highly educated.

8. When in the presence of someone who is ill, it takes no effort for me to experience some of what that person is going through. In fact, if I were to let myself go, my experience of another person’s illness could be overwhelming.

9. In certain situations (e.g., talking or dancing or teaching), I get right on another person’s wavelength—how he or she thinks. This kind of sharing is very special to me.

10. I don’t just talk to my plants. I feel like they talk back to me.

11. It’s freeing for me to be outdoors. And more than a change of scene. The way I think and feel changes, as though I pick up on different kinds of consciousness expressed in animals and plants.

12. During times of closeness with my pet, I enter the pet’s world. For me, that’s the truly fascinating part of having a pet.

13. Looking in the mirror shocks me. “That’s supposed to be me?” The truth is, I identify with being a (non-physical) energy presence more than one particular face and body.

14. Friendship, for me, goes far beyond sharing common interests. I enjoy that my friends show me different ways to be.

15. I have a longing to connect with other people who are seeking a deeper dimension to life. Whenever I encounter these kindred spirits, I feel a kind of relief. Even if our paths cross just long enough to make eye contact once, the meeting can lighten my spirit for hours.

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