Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Recognizing an empath

When searching for your fellow empaths, how can you recognize them if there is no official standardized test, no way of dressing the part? For clues, you’ll have to look inside.

And what I’m about to share with you here may come as a surprise but it’s true. Forget about facial expressions of concern or other ways that people act sympathetic. Acting means nothing.

Once I was interviewed by a TV talk show host with a flair for this sort of acting. On screen she comes across as highly sympathetic, even verging on saccharine.

Person to person, I found that her lack of human feeling made her about as huggable as a packet of fake sugar. Immediately after asking me questions, she would withdraw so completely that my empathic self had no way to merge with her.

Golly, was that ever scary. GOTCHA!

Watching the broadcast later, I saw how my face froze into a mask of fear. This was no mere stage fright. I’d already given hundreds of media interviews. This was The Twilight Zone. When my interviewer refused to accept me empathically, I was utterly unprepared.

Most of the techniques of Empath Empowerment would have made it possible to predict this kind of behavior.

But no technique will work if you don’t remember to use it. Because I forgot to pay attention to the empathic level, my strength became my weakness.

Chernushka DON’T BE FOOLED

Being an empath doesn’t necessarily show in a person’s expression, although often we’re fooled into thinking it does. Whenever we assume that the presence or absence of empathy will show in external behavior, it’s a mistake.

If you were to take one of my workshops in person (rather than joining a virtual classroom via this website) you might be shocked to meet your classmates. Who are they to think they are empaths? That woman? That guy? Are they kidding?

Turns out, the usual ways we’ve learned to read people are misleading when you’re looking for empaths. It has nothing to do with having an expressive face like my aforementioned talk show host.

Expressiveness in itself shows neither the presence nor absence of talent as an empath. All it shows is a person’s comfort level with the kind of communication where you let feelings show through your face.

Other factors are display rules about how much emotion we’re taught to show (e.g., girls who are taught that it’s okay to act hurt, just not angry) and the everyday slips of face called micro-expressions (short bursts of emotion that flicker by fast and are read mostly unconsciously).

Psychologist Paul Ekman trains people to read them by showing videotapes, then using the pause button to catch moods that otherwise flash by unnoticed.

You can do something similar at home, using your VCR. Reading micro-expressions is fascinating. Still, it won’t necessarily show you who is an empath. Nor will reading the micros help you to become an empath.

Although anyone can become an expert at reading facial expression, not everyone can develop the gifts of an empath. In general, it’s a mistake to imagine that you can tell empaths of any kind by their personalities.

Sure, some remind you of fluffy, soft critters, like kittens. But turtles have bodies that are even softer and more vulnerable.


How can you tell what lies beneath the protective shell. As a skilled empath, you can get skills. I call this special skill set “Empath Empwerment.”

This includes techniques to turn your gift(s) ON.Using a dedicated technique of this kind is called “Doing a Skilled Empath Merge.”

Empowered by Empathy teaches you how to do these Empath Merge techniques:

  • I Want to Hold Your Hand (Pictured, symbolically, on the cover)
  • The Heart Journey
  • Deep Listening
  • Taste Someone Else’s Reality
  • Darshan

Become The Most Important Person in the Room gives you Empath Merge techniques, too:

  • Magic Picture
  • The Master Technique for Empath Merge

After you use a dedicated technique for Empath Merge, you can clearly experience the truth about the other person.


Can non-empaths find out whether or not somebody is an empath? Yes, indeed. Because everyone can access Deeper Perception.

For a non-empath, the deepest perception available consciously is Aura Reading. With skill at Aura Reading, it is definitely possible to access depth information about anyone. That would include whether or not somebody is an empath.

 But you’re really fortunate if you were born as an empath. When you do a Skilled Empath Merge, you will directly experience being that person you’re curious about.

And you will know for sure. Vividly! In depth and detail! As an experience of Otherness!

But do keep in mind that you can’t safely start with Skilled Empath Merge. Other techniques, the ones to learn first, help you to turn your gift(s) OFF.

Adapted from Empowered by Empathy by Rose Rosetree

Add your comments or questions to this topic at my blog, Deeper Perception Made Practical. It will be my delight to help you gain more clarity as a Skilled Empath.

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