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Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Empath pioneers

Empowered by Empathy was written during three months of ecstasy in 1997. Then I spent the next 3 ½ years editing. You see, I still had to translate my cryptic language into something that would make sense to other human beings. 

Something odd happened during those editing sessions. I would work at my time of maximum clarity, during the morning, early as I could get started. Eventually I would feel that I had done all that I could manage that day.

Nothing unusual there. This had been my standard operating procedure as a writer for decades. Here comes the unusual part: Next I would head off for the bedroom and sleep for an hour or more.

And I mean SLEEP. Instant snores. This was blackout-quality sleep.

Could all of today’s Skilled Empaths be pioneers?

What caused the exhaustion? Writing and editing don’t tire me, at least they haven’t since I figured out how to overcome writer’s block. Admittedly, that took awhile, accompanied by much wailing, gnashing of teeth, and horrible grades while in school. But all that was settled for me by1969.

Now I was approaching the new millennium, had published many books and articles, knew how to flow, knew how to edit. Nope, something very different was happening with Empowered by Empathy.

In retrospect, I believe I have figured it out. Not to sound grandiose about it, writing Empowered by Empathy had to do with being a sort of pioneer. I was bringing out a new kind of knowledge for human beings. (Just as your reading it now makes you a pioneer, too.)

Pioneer Clues #1 & #2 

One hint was the blackout. Another was a feeling right at the edges of my mind, sometimes, as I fell asleep, practically drooling at the brain. When editing this particular book, it felt as if I was in a kind of tunnel of knowledge and I kept pushing, pushing against the sides.

Something new was being born, for sure. That became obvious for my own experience and for my students, as I tested the various techniques in this skill set for empaths.

Welcome to life at the leading edge

The funny thing is, all my writing tends to be positioned at the leading edge. “Story of my life,” I laugh when this life theme shows up. Silly me, for instance, right from the start: I was supposed to be born in in the sweet month of May. But no. I had to rush out two whole months early and make my entrance more conveniently, during a blizzard.

What qualifies, exactly, as leading edge? My systems of Face Reading Secrets(R) , Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) , and 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) are all significantly different from what had preceded them.  

But the skill set for empaths was the only writing I have done that was different, radically different. And if you are browsing my website now, or have actually used the techniques for empaths, you are still among the first to explore these techniques. Count yourself a pioneer.

It’s always hardest for the early adopters. Think Hundredth Monkey Effect and be proud of yourself.

As more people master the lifestyle of being a skilled empath, it will become progressively easier. Maybe that skill will never be totally instant to master. Yet with each passing year my students seem to find it easier.

On behalf of the world’s emerging community of empaths, thank you so much for being one of the pioneers. Every skilled empath makes life easier for the rest of us.

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