Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Warning: Do Empath Merge techniques safely or not at all

“Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

No problem there.

But do keep in mind that peradventure you can’t safely start with Skilled Empath Merge. Other techniques, the ones to learn first, help you to turn your gift(s) OFF.

It’s tempting to go for the flashy parts. And if you do, this won’t be covered in the famous line from The Lord’s Prayer, “Lead me not into temptation.”

Because you will have take full responsibility for the results. Only you can decide whether or not to lead yourself into a technique for Empath Merge. First deserve, then desire

Talk about old sayings that have zero street cred today! How counter-culture to suggest that a person must earn the right to do an Empath Merge.

But, hey! Everything about teaching Empath Empowerment is a bit counter-culture right now, so I’ll go ahead and apply that old saying to the lives of aspiring empaths today.

Doing an Empath Merge consciously, but without skill, can expand your awareness and possibly teach you a lot. However, it will definitely plop more STUFF from other people than usual right into your aura.

“Deserving” in our case means this.  Learn the street smarts first. Learn how to protect yourself. And — in my opinion — that has nothing to do with an invisible shield or incantations or affirmations or other shielding or boundary techniques. Period.

They may be great for other things but, as an aura reader, my research suggests that shields etc. do precious little to keep a born empath from picking up STUFF.

To “deserve” to do an Empath Merge consciously, learn the basics first. Learn how to turn your empath gift(s) OFF on purpose.

Making up techniques as you go along

The biggest problem with doing Empath Merge is when folks get creative with the notion and make up their technique as they go along.

For instance, check out a sample of discussion of this at my blog, Deeper Perception Made Practical. The exchange began with comments about American Idol and evolved into deep discussion about the meaning of Empath Merge.

Now that people have begun to think in terms of this new concept, “Empath Merge” they are playing with it. Oops! They forget to mind the gap.

Quality control here means “safety”

Some people have the kind of mechanical ability that enables them to fix cars. I have about zero ability in that way. But I have developed a kind of mechanical ability about creating and evaluating techniques related to consciousness.

No wonder there are so many techniques in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses (100+) and Let Today Be a Holiday (400+), etc. Not only do I teach techniques and write books with techniques, but I also can read the consequences of techniques in people’s auras.

Thus, I have enough mechanical ability about this sort of thing to get cause-and-effect relationships about the consequences of different techniques. Malcolm Gladwell would understand. I have done more than 10,000 hours of work in this area.

The following isn’t a culturally correct thing to write. But I’ll write it anyway: People can do things to themselves, on subtle levels, that can be quite harmful when they experiment, doing Empath Merges or Aura Reading.

Study with any teacher you like — it sure doesn’t have to be me — but I implore you. Definitely choose someone to guide you as an empath until you really have skill. Regarding Empath Merge, make sure to study with someone who really understands this kind of travel into consciousness before you begin experimenting away.

Yes, you have absolute freedom to do whatever you like, by way of Empath Merge or anything else. But consider yourself warned.

Improvisation, playing around, slip-sliding here and there, can detract from your quality of life. Why not practice Empath Merge in a way that actually makes your life better?

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