Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Why is Empath Empowerment different from other systems?

Curious about what it means to be an empath? Curious about what it would mean to become a Skilled Empath?

That means you are ready to embark upon one of the great ocean adventures in life.

It also means you are a consumer of a new kind of product: The knowledge, books, classes, understandings that could make you a Skilled Empath.

And, to help you as a consumer, this article contains many links to my blog, Deeper Perception Made Practical. That way, you can ask questions. (Or simply lurk and read my answers to other people’s questions.)

No big sign-up is needed, incidentally. Just click to the bottom of the post where it says COMMENT. I wanted to make the dialog as free-and-easy as possible. Hey, Sailor

Empath Empowerment (R) is just one system. I’m the first to admit it. And it may not be the best system for you.

To help you make the best choice for you, here are some very specific things that make this system different:

1. It is a system.

You can’t just do bits and pieces of it. But the full system of Empath Empowerment (TM) isn’t rocket science, I can assure you!

Maybe it’s more like riding in a rocket. And there are steps for doing that. You can’t, for instance, just do the part called “Looking out the window as you travel through space.” Instead, there’s an earlier technique called “Enter the Rocket.”

Empath Empowerment is a systematic method to bring results. No part is hard. But you won’t casually slip into it, not any more than being in your living room one minute and, the next, passing through Orion aboard your space ship. Hey, Far-out Passenger

 2. Not about boundaries.

“Everyone knows that if you’re taking on STUFF from other people, you just need tighter boundaries.”

I couldn’t disagree more. Working on boundaries won’t help an empath. If anything, working on boundaries will bring you more problems.

3. Not about analyzing your life

I’m just guessing you already have plenty to think about. Besides having it already, therefore, being a bit crowded in your mind, guess what?

Any psychological analysis of your sensitivity won’t help you to become a Skilled Empath. That includes asking yourself, “This pain/fear/sadness I’m feeling. Whom does it come from?” Find out why this is, in my opinion, the worst technique for an empath.

4. Avoiding  Energy Vampires won’t really help. I’d recommend you click on this first link if you’re interested in this topic. Then join the discussion about Energy Vampires at my blog!

 5. For similar reasons to the problems with avoiding Energy Vampires, it also won’t help in the long run avoiding narcissists.

Yes, I know it’s much more do-it-yourself to simply decree that certain people are narcissists or Energy Vampires or Psychic Vampires. But mind the gap!

6. Some newbies to Empath Empowerment confuse becoming a Skilled Empath with developing Emotional Intelligence. This is laughable. Or sad. etc.

With Emotional Intelligence, you can name your emotions properly. And anyone can develop this form of intelligence. Really, it’s just a skill set. For some fun exercises, check out Read People Deeper .

This useful skill has nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with becoming a Skilled Empath.

Drumroll, please

Bottom line, becoming a Skilled Empath isn’t about techniques of psychological healing. It requires spiritual awakening.

Not necessarily the large, economy size. But still a greater degree of spiritual awakening than most people have so far.

It’s no coincidence, really, that I combine teaching Empath Empowerment with offering personal sessions and techniques that clear out STUFF from a person’s aura. With greater clarity, it’s easier to learn Empath Empowerment. And, in turn, Empath Empowerment can greatly improve your ease (and clarity) about doing other activities that involve consciousness.

Just for fun, here’s a practical example of one way that empaths have something unusual going on with their consciousness.


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