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Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Energy Vampires and Psychic Vampires

Ever hear terms like energy vampire or psychic vampire? These are very useful terms, though not necessarily in the way intended by Dr. Judith Orloff, who originated them.

Dr. Orloff is a magnificent healer, teacher, and writer. (Not, however, a specialist at training empaths.) Dr. Orloff developed these terms to help people cope better with being hurt by others, and she has been very successful with helping people in this way.

At a certain point in a person’s development, it may be necessary to instill common sense into relatives and friends. If your Uncle Herbie drives you nuts, or exhausts you, avoid him.

This is a smart coping strategy, whether or not you want to call him an “Energy Vampire.” Hey, it would be smart if Uncle Herbie were a Count Dracula-type vampire as well. But avoidance has limits.

Empowerment vs. avoiding Energy Vampires

Oh, the stories I could tell you from clients about the perils of avoidance. But you can imagine… or maybe just recount stories of your own.

Avoiding toxic people of any kind doesn’t make a person significantly stronger or more confident. With practice, the best you can hope for is to become ever-better at avoidance.

By contrast, Empath Empowerment (TM) makes a person stronger. You know, as a person.

Actually, the method works because it makes you stronger as a person. You wake up from inside. Learning to do this is the essence of my 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment. 

Of course, most empaths (and non-empaths) would prefer to simply learn how to avoid Energy Vampires. Why?

Vampire avoiders, consider this

Meaning no disrespect, you’d have to be crazy not to prefer avoiding Energy Vampires to learn Empath Empowerment. At first, anyway.

Just for fun, I googled three different terms. That’s one way to gauge popularity, right? On September 13, 2009:

  • Energy Vampire had over 14 million hits.
  • Psychic Vampire had over 4 million hits.
  • Skilled Empath had over 70 thousand hits.

What’s with that?

Oh, the fun of avoiding Energy Vampires

By avoiding Energy Vampires, you can:

  • Blame others for your problems.
  • Feel superior.
  • Feel virtuous about blaming other people for your problems.
  • Keep busy, finding new Energy Vampires.


By learning Empath Empowerment, the deliciousness is somewhat different. To taste this very different experience, you will probably have to:

  • Take personal responsibility for your life.
  • Learn something genuinely new (loads of fun, actually, but still new)
  • Spend some quality time learning about yourself. (Click here to find out approximately how long it takes to become a Skilled Empath.)
  • Study with an actual teacher rather than figuring things out for yourself.

Consumers, beware! Empath Empowerment is best taught by a skilled teacher, rather than improvising.  Mind the gap.

One more great resource with Energy Vampires

It would also be smart to cut your cord of attachment to any relationship with a person in your life, present or past, whom you suspect to be an Energy Vampire. I can help you to learn more about cutting cords of attachment.

Empath Empowerment and freedom of STUFF in your aura through cutting cords of attachment — these are skill sets that can work together to help you have a better life.

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