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Mind the gap

Yesterday I went to the movies. During the preview portion of the entertainment, I saw a very slick and interesting commercial for The Gap clothing stores.

An extremely cute young man told viewers that he learns all the time. But he never, ever uses teachers.

Cute Guy was clearly very proud of ths fact.

He went on to talk about how every day was an adventure and he was learning so much. Wow, isn’t that great?

Vanity feeding

Vanity talk goes on all the time, and not just to make clothing buyers that those geniuses at The Gap understand every teenager’s special brilliance. Am I the only American who is waiting for the day a presidential candidate says something like this to a proud “undecided” voter?

Here it is,  the day of a presidential election and you still haven’t made up your mind, and you still are asking questions that show you have not spent even 10 minutes reading an impartial news source.

Hey, I know that media will glorify you as part of their usual pandering — but, no. Being “undecided” doesn’t really make you special. You’re not as smart as you think you are.

Look, you aren’t necessarily unintelligent. But you aren’t paying much attention. Either use more of the smarts God gave you or, for heaven’s sake, don’t vote!

Everyone would prefer to be self-taught. When it comes to Deeper Perception, sometimes a person is self-teaching himself how to reinvent the wheel. At best.

How I show respect to my readers and students

As a teacher of personal development for 39 years, now, I have a healthy respect for self-teaching. That’s why my method of Empath Empowerment (TM) is based on discoveries you learn on your own.

Never are you required to salute me as a noble authority figure. In fact, I do all I can to help you appreciate inordinately yourself as the noble authority figure.

Nevertheless, I will teach you concepts and techniques that I have made my specialized in life.

It is unlikely that you will self-teach yourself the method of Empath Empowerment on your own. Nor will you learn it from chat groups or other sources on the Internet, where folks are making friends, killing time, and generally having a fun time exploring for themselves.

The same goes for learning Aura Reading or how to Cut Cords of Attachment. Smart people aren’t doing themselves justice if they think they can just teach themselves.

With all respect, they are playing around with things they don’t fully understand, learning from people whose main qualification as teachers is that the advice is free.

Consumer, beware

Experimenting in the realm of paranormal, or Deeper Perception, without having expert guidance to help you, is different from experimenting with hobbies on the surface of life, such as dressing cool with adorable clothes from The Gap.

It can be dangerous to play around with energy techniques.

  • As a way to become a Skilled Empath,  Antony avoiding Energy Vampires isn’t dangerous, because it is done just on the surface of life.

But avoiding Energy Vampires isn’t a dedicated technique for Empath Empowerment, either.

Most people will find that this “technique” helps only for a limited time and to a limited degree. If you have been feeling that kind of stuckness, you might want to consider learning Empath Empowerment.

  • Playing with Aura Reading, without having a well qualified teacher, can lead to thinking you don’t have “the gift.”

Or you might wind up settling for a vague perception, maybe .03% of the information you could be getting.

Tipoff, the “Aura Reader” will say things like, “I get this. What do you get?” With regular literacy, would you fool around like that? When I do Word Reading with my cereal box, I get , “Wheaties.” What do you get?

Even worse, if you are a born empath (not yet a Skilled Empath), every attempt at Aura Reading will probably cause you to take on STUFF from other people’s auras, as I explain in Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.

Of course, I also explain what to do to change that for yourself. And not just some interesting theories but techniques I have successfully taught internationally.

  • As for trying to Cut Cords of Attachment without a skilled teacher, sure,  there is loads of free advice about that on the Internet. People are teaching themselves all the time. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s adventurous.

Just one problem. It mostly doesn’t work.

Because this is still a relatively unknown form of healing, you’ll find loads of people who say things like, “I cut my Cords of Attachment every day.”

Well, that person might as well tape a great big sign to his forehead:

I know nothing about how to effectively Cut Cords of Attachment. 

Anybody who tells you to just ask Archangel Michael to “cut all your cords” or to brush off cords while doing body work or pull out cords while doing Reiki or other quick-&-easy advice…


This is my perspective, having worked seriously, professionally with this specialty since 1986.

You’re the consumer. Choose for yourself. 

Many people prefer to spend money and time where it shows. You know, at places like The Gap. Otherwise, they’re cheap.

I know two parents who were very proud of their top-of-the-line, new leather sofa. However, this couple spent the absolute minumum on daycare for their daughter. When they finally realized she was lagging far behind at walking, they surprise-visited the daycare provider and found that the daughter was mostly sitting in a playpen all day long while the daycare provider watched TV.

Nice sofa, though.


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