Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Could you be naming your gift wrong?

Okay, now that I have your attention, let’s tone down that language, Rose.

Some definitions of “empath” aren’t so much wrong as not helpful.

Surely you have heard the term “Self-fulfilling prophecy”? What you expect and believe (and, yes, define) can come back to bite you.

So reconsider synonyms like these, if you have been using them:

What does it really mean to be born as an empath? This is what I think, based on working with thousands of born empaths… and helping to make their lives better.

can you buy Lyrica from canada If You Can’t Name It All, You Can’t Heal It All

What does it mean when a teacher of empaths ignores the vast majority of empath gift(s)? Help, however brilliant, for one narrow specialty, isn’t going to be enough for the majority of empaths.

The term “Intuitive Empath” is certainly preferable to not acknowledging empaths at all. It gives any type of empath a label for self-knowing. Plus it can be confusing even trying to figure out if you are an empath in the first place.

But consider that there are many varied gifts an empath can have. For starters, try this Empath Quiz. 

Recently, my client “Gladys” told me that she didn’t think she could possibly be an empath because she didn’t have a whole lot of feelings about other people. Doesn’t the term “Intuitive Empath” make you think of someone with an emotional gift?

Many of the 1 in 20 human beings born as empaths do NOT have an emotional gift.

And if you do have one, plus others, calling yourself an Intuitive Empath won’t acknowledge all the rest of those gifts.

Besides, doesn’t “Intuitive” Empath suggest special abilities as a psychic? The Problem with Psychic Empath

“Psychic Empath” is another confusing term for empaths. It goes along with “Psychic Medium.”

Really, these dual-specialty terms are not terribly different from terms like these:

  • Veterinarian-hairdresser
  • Waiter-novelist
  • Frisbee throwing champion-car mechanic

Combine any two unrelated specialties you like! Just don’t think that if you’re a veterinarian, you can automatically give stylish haircuts to humans.

Being an empath is a completely different thing from being a psychic.


Our survey of wrong, or misleading, names wouldn’t be complete without the most common one of all.

To call a born empath “co-dependent” is seriously confusing. The techniques that help a co-dependent are completely different from the skill set for Empath Empowerment.

Just because we’re dealing with inner life doesn’t mean that precision doesn’t count. So keep the allure factor in terms like “Intuitive Empath” but get yourself some seriously practical training if you want to stop suffering and start serving humanity more skillfully.

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