Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Empath vs. Co-Dependent

Is it possible to be both a born empath and co-dependent? You bet!

If so, is it possible to change that very uncomfortable situation? Ah, another excellent bet.

The first step in disentangling such a mess is to define each term separately:

  • Empath: It is a lifelong gift.
  • Co-Dependent: It is as temporary as you make it, because codependency can be healed.
  • Empath: Is it a problem? Only until you get skills. Being “merely” talented as an empath is not the same thing as becoming a Skilled Empath.
  • Co-Dependent: Is it a problem? Definitely.
  • Empath: An empath has at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Click to learn more about being an empath.
  • Co-Dependent: Co-dependency involves a pattern of thinking, feeling and/or behavior where you cannot tell where you begin and others leave off. It is not helpful for relationships. Codependency can even be considered an attempt to control others.
  • Empath: If you feel connected to others as an empath, and it makes you uncomfortable, that is called an unskilled Empath Merge. By contrast, if you feel connected to others as an empath, and it makes you completely comfortable, even blissful, that is called a Skilled Empath Merge.
  • Co-Dependent: If you feel and act connected to others out of codependency, you probably are projecting. That doesn’t mean that consciously you are making things up. But the accuracy of what you’re experiencing is very doubtful.
  • Empath: Does being an empath involve sacrifice, as in “I must come second and let others come first?” Nope, not being a Skilled Empath. Hint: My most practical book yet for empaths is called Become The Most Important Person in the Room.
  • Co-Dependent: Sacrifice is common. Overcoming codependency includes learning the difference between healthy friendship, love, etc. vs. carrying a torch, especially in such a way that you get burned.
  • Empath: Anticipating the needs of others? An empath has no business doing that. Even doing a Skilled Empath Merge does not involved learning what that other person needs, or what you must supply.
  • Co-Dependent: Anticipating the needs of others? That’s one easy test of codependency. If you find yourself doing that, get yourself help.
  • Empath: Can learning new social skills help an unskilled empath to become a Skilled Empath? Absolutely not.
  • Co-Dependent: Can learning new social skills help a codependent to overcome the old, dysfunctional syndrome? Definitely.

One more point, if you’re just starting to sort out the difference between being a born empath vs. having issues around being co-dependent: Either way, you may benefit a great deal from healing. I especially recommend:

Why? STUFF at the level of auras, STUFF that holds a problem in place can always, always, always be released. This will only make a person clearer.

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