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Working on your boundaries

Boundary work doesn’t begin to make someone a Skilled Empath. It’s useful for people who aren’t empaths. But no amount of boundary work is going to stop the flow of STUFF into an empath’s aura. In fact….

Might boundary work even harm an empath?

Yes indeed. It can be a distraction or worse.

Boundary work may help non-empaths but it really doesn’t address underlying differences in how an empath’s aura functions, compared to the function of a non-empath. Nothing in boundary work either:

  • Acknowledges the special gifts of an empath
  • Or manages to name those gifts correctly (actually, names like Intuitive Empath and Emotional Empath can cause more problems than they solve)
  • Turns a single one of those gifts OFF
  • Explains how to turn any of those gifts ON with skill
  • Or, even temporarily, prevents STUFF from entering an empath’s aura and staying there.
  • For a detailed explanation (complete with pictures), see my how-to book for empaths, Become the Most Important Person in the Room.

Read more about how confusing the very idea of boundaries can be for empaths at my blog about all forms of Deeper Perception. Here you can ask questions on this tender topic, so click and read and comment away!

And meanwhile consider this: Any analysis of boundaries, or STUFF coming from other people, is an exercise in partial results, achieved the hard way.

Yes, I know that mainstream society will tell you that any problem you might report as an empath really amounts to a boundary problem. But keep in mind, mainstream society understands nothing about being an empath.

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