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Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Why Invisible Shields don’t work

Everyone knows about invisible shields and putting up walls, right? Supposedly, this is the way to protect yourself if you’re “too sensitive.”

As a professional trainer of Skilled Empaths I’ve taken surveys about this. Surveys in different parts of America, in Europe and in Asia.

“Raise your hand,” I’ll say, “If you have ever tried to use a façade or wall to protect yourself from taking on other people’s problems.

“Or you have tried to put up an invisible shield to protect yourself.

 ”Definitely raise your hand if you have been ‘working on your boundaries’.”

 Just about every hand goes up.

 Then I’ll say, “Now raise your hand if that has helped you much.”

 Slowly, reluctantly, a very few hands will go up.

People hate to admit failure. And most of us have been told that if we are “too sensitive,” the only thing we can do is put up a wall, or the equivalent.

 Better than any Invisible Shield

Techniques of Empath Empowerment ™ were developed to solve the problems of born empaths. They may be useful for any Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), but they are really important for the 1 in 4 HSPs who is also born as an empath.

Unskilled empaths take on STUFF from other people. It goes right into that empath’s aura. The empath may not be conscious that this is happening. But sooner or later, an unskilled  empath will feel:

  •  Burned out
  • Emotionally unstable
  • Confused
  • Or even (as I used to feel before learning the skills of Empath Empowerment) like a hopeless, neurotic mess.

 Graduates of my workshops feel very different. They feel like themselves.

 The method is called Empath Empowerment because it helps an empath to become truly powerful. That power is owned, rediscovered perhaps, but definitely not manufactured.

Therefore, Skilled Empaths don’t have to be doing special things every day. And forget about walls.

Please, forget those walls

 They are so unhelpful. Unless you’re prepared to live in a very shallow way, walls, Invisible Shields, visualized mirrors, etc., won’t help you at all.

What do they do? Here’s my perspective as an aura reader. When someone diligently puts up walls, mirrors, invisible shields, etc., what happens?

Success is not the problem. Sure, people can successfully put up walls, etc. But these do not keep out STUFF, the kind of STUFF that unskilled empaths pick up on a daily basis.

No, you could consider the walls, mirrors, invisible shields, etc., as a kind of aura accessory, like wearing a bulletproof vest. Or chain mail.

Those won’t keep out STUFF either, incidentally. If you feel oh-so-delicate and fragile, don’t confuse that with being an empath. That suffering part really is optional.

If you’re co-dependent, you won’t become less co-dependent by covering up your problems with an invisible shield. 

Running away from Energy Vampires won’t help much, either. What about combining these two strategies? Plenty an unskilled empath works valiantly at self-shielding, then runs away.  That’s a fear-based strategy, if ever there was one. And, alas, as far as keeping STUFF out of your aura, it’s totally ineffective.

As you can read in Become The Most Important Person in the Room, there are specific reasons why empaths pick up STUFF. And those reasons are not on the level of walls or chain mail. Skills of Empath Empowerment address the problems, fix the problems, prevent STUFF from seeping in.

 Tne other problem with walls

So what does happen when an empath creates walls, mirrors, invisible shields, etc.?

 1. You have the satisfaction of at least having done something!

Who wants to be a victim, taking on STUFF every day? That desire to do something is very commendable. I can assure you, however, it’s way more fun to do something that works for the purpose intended.

2. The other really good thing about creating a wall

 Oops, apart for the Placebo Effect, there really isn’t any good thing. So I call that “a problem,” not “a solution” to the very real troubles of unskilled empaths.

Walls, mirrors, invisible shields, etc.?add an artificial quality to the personality. Honestly, don’t you know at least one person who is doing this “big secret” trick?

You can tell, even if you aren’t yet able to do conscious aura reading in a way that would show you that person’s wall. Or (sorry) not-invisible, no- longer-secret, shield.

You can feel something artificial. Something phony. Something manipulative.

That is the real consequence of walls and shields. Alas, working on your boundaries won’t help much better. 

Try a skill set that can help you to feel safe, alive, and free, Empath Empowerment.

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