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Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Married to an empath?

Is it possible for empaths and non-empaths to marry? As if you needed me to tell you the answer…. Of course!

For starters, do the math. How many people in America have been born as empaths? I estimate 1 in 20. And since none of these empaths come with a nice, clear label, it’s really expecting too much that the empaths will only date empaths, the non-empaths will only date non-empaths, and they will all march around two-by-two. Just like animals decending into Noah’s Ark? Ha!

For right now, let’s follow a hunch. Might you have clicked onto this part of my website because YOUR significant other is not the same as you, empath-gift-wise? Hmmmm.

Is it possible for empaths and non-empaths to marry happily? Here are some strategies and understandings that can help.

Nobody is “Just Like Me”

Any time you use Deeper Perception, you’ll educate yourself about new ways that nobody else is “Just Like Me.”

This isn’t just a vital understanding for marriage or dating. The sooner you truly accept this, the more likely you will truly accept other people.

If you can’t help but hope that some day you will find a “soul mate” who really is “Just Like Me,” here is what I suggest:

Learn Face Reading. You’ll find that even identical twins don’t look alike past the age of 30 or so. And every single face change means something.

You’ll find even more differences in people if you learn a quality method of Aura Reading. Everybody — and I mean everybody — has the ability to do quality aura reading.

Use any other method of Deeper Perception you like. Nobody else in the world is just like you. Nobody ever will be.

Being an empath or not isn’t a choice

If one of you couple-persons happens to be an empath, this is not optional. A person can’t help being an empath. Or being a non-empath, for that matter.

Therefore, it isn’t fair to criticize an empath for being “too, too sensitive.”

Neither is it fair to criticize a non-empath for being “somebody with the sensitivity of a charcoal briquette.” Better to call that person “grounding”!

Being an empath doesn’t mean being entitled to special treatment

Respectful treatment, sure! Both partners are entitled to that.

And “respect” means “respect as an individual” rather than thinking “Shocking! This partner of mine does such a third-rate job of being ME.”

At the same, bending over backwards is not the same of showing respect. An empath has no right to demand that. Sometimes Tough Love for Empaths is in order.


If you have any questions about what is appropriate in a partnership of empath + non-empath, click onto my blog. Add a COMMENT at one of these posts –  or any others that strike your fancy:

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