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Rose Rosetree Demonstrates Skilled Empath Merge

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Parenting an empath

“I just discovered I’m an empath,” teenager Ben wrote me. “Should I come out to my parents?”

No worries, parents. Having a child as an empath is not occasion for coming out.

Being an empath is not an alternative lifestyle. Far as I’m concerned, being gay is not a choice. It’s just a beautiful, lifelong way to be. But society’s attitudes aren’t necessarily beautiful at all.

Being an empath is beautiful… but only after that “merely” talented empath becomes a Skilled Empath.

buy provigil pills What that empath needs to know

Just in case your child comes to you, all concerned, about this “strange” thing called “being an empath,” hooray! You can steer your child toward common sense.

On the Internet, there are:

  • Plenty of science fictioney discussions about being an empath, where your child can find colorful names like “Fallen Angel Empath.”
  • Plenty of self-pitying chats and posts along the lines of “Poor me, I have this whopping disability.” Rest assured, these are from unskilled empaths.
  • This website for Empath Empowerment, written by a professional in the field. Steer your child here to gobble up commonsense ideas. Your child can read hours’ worth of practical information.

Book-length resources go into more detail:

Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment can be used successfully by a bright child aged 10 or older.

Empowered by Empathy, the Audiobook is perfect for kids who would rather listen than read. This version of knowledge for empaths is more sophisticated, however. It’s better for children aged 14 or older.

Empowered by Empathy, as a print book, is also for kids of all ages, but especially if they are at least 14 years old.

Another resource is more interactive: My blog called “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Invite your child to come play with the other empaths in this online community and ask questions. (No special signup is required for making comments.)

is it safe to buy clomid online uk And what you need to know about that empath

Being an empath is simple, socially. Still, it isn’t easy. Not until the merely talented empath becomes a Skilled Empath.

Do you have to be an empath to produce a child who is one? No way.

Two non-empath parents often have children who are empaths. Only 1 in 20 Americans is an empath.

Do you have to be an empath to raise a healthy, well-adjusted child who happens to be an empath? Hardly.

If your child had any kind of natural talent, a loving parent would help that child to develop it. Frankly, you can be glad if your child has talent as an empath, rather than the kind of athletic talent that would make him or her a champion ice skater.

No o’dark: 30 trips to the ice skating rink (i.e., very early in the morning).

No anguished family councils about how you’all are going to pay for all that training for the Olympics.

Nope, just help your child to find an adequate teacher, which might cost you all of $14.95. (Here I’m thinking of Become The Most Important Person in the Room)

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